The Mars Society (TMS) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization whose main objective is to promote the human exploration and settlement of the planet Mars.  It was established in 1997 led by Robert Zubrin. It has grown to over 5000 members in more than 50 countries worldwide.

The Mars Society’s goals include

  • Development of Mars Direct mission plan to send humans to Mars
  • The Mars Analog Research Station Program (MARS), which includes stations in Mars-like environments as the Flashline Mars Artic Research Station (FMARS) and the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS).
  • Projects as The Mars Society Analogue Pressurized Rover: A competition to design a pressurized rover vehicle that could be used in Mars, the Mars Gravity Biosatellite, to design a satellite that would provide artificial partial gravity of 0.38 G), the Mars Balloon mission Archimedes, and others.
  • Promote teaching of STEM related subjects in schools.
  • Host annual conferences on Mars exploration worldwide.
  • Actively support NASA, ESA and other space agencies in their on-going exploration of Mars.

The Mars Society website