A Martian analog mission is an activity that lasts a couple weeks in which a group of six to seven people from different areas, including but not exclusive to, science, engineering, social sciences, law and management, arts, or many others; live together as a crew in a station located in the middle of a Martian analog.
During these two weeks, the crewmembers will live as if they were on Mars. They will need to follow strict rules for performing any activity outside of the station, and will be given specific tasks to perform during the time of the mission. Team Peru is a program in which a group of young Peruvian (and other nationalities) students or professionals are selected to participate as a crew in the Mars Desert Research Station, or MDRS, located in the desert near Hanksville, Utah.
The objective of the analog mission is to give an opportunity to the selected members to know, from the perspective of an astronaut, how space missions are managed.
Additionallly, each member has to perform a project during the mission in their field of knowledge that could become into important knowledge for future missions to the real Mars.

Application GuideDownload (To be updated)
You will need to provide the following documents in order to apply:
Application Form including a curriculum vitae and a 2 to 4 page project proposal – Download
Bios and picture: One paragraph biography about your background and a good resolution picture.
English certificate: At least intermediate level.
(*) If applying for a scholarship you will need a student or recent graduate certificate. Recent graduates must have graduated less than one year before the mission. This will be asked to selected members before the season 2019-2020 starts.
(*) You don’t need to be Peruvian to apply. We encourage the application from other Latin American countries as this will develop into a richer experience for the whole crew at MDRS.

Call for applications: To be announced (Come back by August!)
Applications review: As soon as they are received
Interviews and evaluation:  Expect it to be couple weeks after you sent your application
Crew selection results: To be announced
Crew preparation: To be announced. Expect weekly to monthly meet-ups.
Analog Mission “Team Peru VI” – To be decided by MDRS direction (season 2020-2021)

Send the complete documentation to adolfo.ubidia@peru.marssociety.org
All your documents must have the following pattern: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_Application

Need help:
More about MDRS:  MDRS Website
More about projects at martian analogs: Mars Papers Website
How to write a projectproposal: “Writting a scientific research proposal
Tips for writting a good CV: “How to write a CV
For more information you can write to: adolfo.ubidia@peru.marssociety.org