Mechatronics Engineer, MSc. Biomedical Engineering, MBA in Project Management. Health-Tech Innovator.
He has the experience on research, development & innovation in the field of Surgery, Medical Robotics, Telemedicine, Anatomical Engineering (Medical Imaging and 3D Printing) & Clinical Engineering, besides, he has strong interest in Space Sciences and is a member of Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA) and also he has been the Vice President of IEEE EMBS Peru Section.


Dra. Britania Díaz
Medical undergraduate student at the National University of St Augustine, member of the Scientific Society of Astrobiology of Peru and The Mars Society Peru Chapter. She had a great interest in space medicine in the genetic and molecular area of embryo implantation in microgravity.

Dra. Karen Huallpayunca
Medical Surgeon (MD), MSc. Biochemistry by UNMSM. She is starting a post graduate degree in Molecular Oncology. She has experience in cancer research. Research line is Space medicine, Biomedical Engineering and genetics. Interest in Space medicine and Astrobiology.

Eng. Paul Palacios
Electronic engineer, experience in industrial control processes. Passion for renewable energies, eco-friendly. Memberof the crew The Mars Society Peru for life support on Mars – Space Biomedical Crew.